Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is an air filter?

Have you already check your car’s air filter? Is it still clean or a replacement is needed? This air filter is an important part when it comes to our car’s intake system. It is where our car engine breathes so without it our car is dead. An exact mixture of fuel and air is what our engine needs in order to run. It is in the air filter where air enters then sifts out dirt and other particles in the air thus preventing those from entering the system and damaging the engine.

This air filter only costs pretty cheap despite the importance of its functions. A clean air filter is very important in our car’s performance. Our gas mileage will depend on the condition of our air filter. Our car systems will perform poorly with a dirty air filter and may give us trouble from running it.

Replacing air filter is a simple job but often neglected to do by car owners. It is advisable to check air filter and replace it if needed to maintain our car’s performance. We practically do many things in a day but a responsible car owner should never miss a thing that will make his or her car dead. Keeping a record of all the maintenance jobs in our car will be a big help for us not to forget things that need to be done.


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