Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bad day @ Enchanted Kingdom

We were at Enchanted Kingdom the other day, May 16, to celebrate my daughter’s 10th birthday. Aside from the family we had with us my sister and her 2 sons plus my niece Mika. All of us had “Ride All You Can” tags so that everyone especially the kids will enjoy the world renowned amusement park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The day turned out unsatisfactory. First, we discovered that we had to rebook 3 tickets because it dated till May 14. We went to the Group Sales Booth to inquire and give it a try. The receptionist inquired to their office our concern and she said yes it can be rebooked at a cost of Php25.00 each. So we’re happy then to know the good news. I lined up to rebook and buy additional 1 ticket for my sister. When I had my turn the cashier said that it cannot be rebooked anymore and that their office overlooked the ticket’s date. What a disappointment? In rebooking tickets the date is the first one to look for and yet they overlooked it. Without them saying "yes, it can be rebooked" we will not be expecting anymore and we will just buy new tickets.

The second disappointment is the “Flying Fiesta” ride. My son was not allowed to ride because of height requirement of 47 inches and he was 46 inches. We thought that since there are two-seater seats hubby can ride with him to secure his safety. In the end my son was not really allowed to ride. He cried and got tantrums because of that. That was the first ride he really wanted to try. He is kind of adventurous and really wanted to ride all even the “Space Shuttle” ride. If your son is like mine better send him to Star City because there are less restrictions there and more rides are available to kids. You can get your money’s worth especially for kiddie rides. I do understand rules but it is kind of hard to explain to kids that rules. All they know is that amusement park is for kids who love to ride and enjoy.

The last concern is the line up for “Rio Grande Rapids” ride. It is okay to line up but the space provided for the riders is really uncomfortable and difficult. I guess the picture speaks for it. Riders are like prisoners waiting for their turn. Just hoping they will change the line up procedure for the sake of the kids who really love to ride this one.

We like EK but I guess changes or improvements especially for the sake of the kids will be given priority so that they will get to enjoy the park and not only magic will stays in their mind but happiness and satisfaction.


Mrs. Potts said...

how old was your son when you went there if i may ask? i was planning to bring my kid there this weekend but i was also concerned about the height requirement of the rides.

Crissy said...

he was 6 years old then mrs. potts.. i think the height requirement was 4 feet..

Anonymous said...

4 ft. po ba yung height requirement sa lht ng rides? thank you :)

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