Saturday, March 13, 2010

Carlos "Caloy" Castro dies @ 74

There are people that no matter how famous or known they are they were still able to keep their feet on the ground. It was on December of 2004 when I met an executive officer in the company I worked with after my schooling. He is so charming, kind and very accommodating that even at your first meeting you will like his personalities. As time passes by the more I see how genuine he is and why people get to love and respect him.

My Ninong Carlos “Sir Caloy” Castro just passed away around 10pm of March 12 due to Pneumonia at Tondo General Hospital. I can’t help but cry despite of many years of not seeing each other because my love and highest respect for him never lose with our distance and it will always remain that way.

Farewell Ninong Caloy!


dannyemmy said...

Good evening. Hi, i'm emmy mallari. I was actually searching for the newscaster Mang Caloy Castro who is a close buddy of Mr. Rey Langit.

I came across this blog and was a bit surprised. Which is why I was prompted to post a comment to verify if the man mentioned here is the Mang Caloy i was supposed to find.

Mang Caloy the newscaster is the wife of my former Boss in Spectron/DRB, Mrs. Ester V. Castro. Hoping we could get in touch with her.

Thank you so much for your time.

Crissy said...

@dannyemmy: maybe you can call Mr. Langit, thru his secretary Ms. Norma, at 4701750.

dannyemmy said...

thank you so much for your reply...i just opened my page and will try to reach Ms. Norma.

God bless.

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