Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sen. Noynoy Aquino for president, yes or no?

Will Senator Benigno “NOYNOY” Aquino III finally say YES to the 2010 presidential race? It is really hard to be on the situation where Senator Aquino is in now. While considering the privacy and reluctance of his family for him to run, his endorsers continue to rise in number as days go by.

But why Noynoy? Maybe because of his parents who served the country with pure heart and dedication. Maybe because we are thinking that he will not disgrace the names of his parents. Maybe because he also has a pure heart and dedication to be of service to the people. Maybe because among others we think that he is the better or right choice to lead the country in the 6 years to come.

As he goes on for a retreat to discern and find some enlightenment to make the right decision, may other candidates find their way to do the same. Each and everyone of us (politicians and voters) must seek enlightenment for a better Philippines. We all have our share to achieve what’s best for us and for our country.

May the 2010 election be the answer and the start for a new and better Philippines. God helps us.


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