Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Facebook now has 500 million members

Facebook is a proof that many people around the world engaged themselves in various social networking groups to have fun, connect with friends and strangers, play and more. This Wednesday Facebook now has 500 million members who are actively using the different applications of the site, chatting, advertising, information and awareness as disclosed by its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

As a member, I could say that I truly appreciate the creation of Facebook because it is where I encountered old and new friends, connect with my relatives & friends abroad interactively, play so many games, and a lot more.

Facebook membership hits 500 million mark


Bean Bag Chair said...

hi, ganda naman po ng pinost nyong blog ang dami na palang members ng facebook.. ilove facebook kasi eto lang yung communication ko sa mga friends and classmate ko...ska d ba po yung ibang Filipino na nasa ibang bansa facebook dn po ang ginagamit na communication para sa mga mahal nila sa buhay na nasa Pilipinas tama po ba ko tnx for sharing

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