Friday, August 7, 2009

Willie on Pres. Cory's funeral cortege @ Wowowee

Willie Revillame and his noontime show Wowowee is amidst again of another controversy. It resulted on the day of former President Cory Aquino’s remains transfer from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral last Monday.

Issue: Willie ordered that the live video streaming being aired simultaneously with his show Wowowee be removed.

Willie explained that he finds it inappropriate to show the funeral cortege of the former president simultaneously with his show because the two are conflicting occasions and in respect for President Cory.

For me, at one side Willie has his point. Wowowee is a fun-filled show and the funeral cortege of the former president was really very heart-breaking and tear-jerking one. He admitted that it’s not that he didn’t want it to be shown simultaneously with Wowowee but he finds it very awkward. On the other side, Willie could have finds the right approach and the right timing to say his piece.

With the turn out of the said event, the love and respect was really overwhelming, the management was caught unplanned on their programs. ABS-CBN could have cancel Wowowee’s airtime for that day or maybe they could have talk to Willie on how will they handle it. A piece of advice to Willie, maybe he could be calm to handle things that annoy him.

President Cory loves peace and unity among Filipinos. Willie was able to talk to the Aquino’s children. The management of ABS-CBN, the MTRCB and Willie could also sit down and settle the matter. President Cory will be happy to see us settling things with more maturity, understanding and calmness.

Peace and love to everyone. love struck


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