Monday, February 2, 2009

Take a break.. Have a Smile!

I am still quite tired while doing this post but I want to share these pictures to you my dear readers to put “SMILE” on your faces. I finished my laundry around past 2pm and while taking my nap (while monitoring the Senate Probe on Pre-Need companies), I am thinking of things I need to bring with me for my son’s visit to his dentist. He had 3 restorations and oral prophylaxis and flourodization. We arrived home before 6pm so I changed cloth and started preparing the dinner. These pictures made me smile, hope it will make you smile too.

I'd rather hold it.

Forgot something???

How to handle a problem neighbor???

Loud enough for you???

How was your cereal this morning???

Let me explain. Pleaseeee!!!



Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

wow hehe smile dear???? I was laughing hehehe thanks so much for making my day ;) you have this regularly and call it sunday smile or something hehehe :)

Mizé said...

Hi Crissy.
Thanks for your visit and comment.
I answered you in my blog but decided to make a visit to yours.
This pictures made me lol too, hehe, specially nr 3 and 5.
A good blogging week!

Crissy said...

@ ES:

Hi dear! Glad I made you laugh. I know you're a very busy guy and this post is dedicated to people like you who always work hard each day. ;)

Crissy said...

@ Mize:

Hello friend! Thanks for the visit. I am really grateful for having you here and knowing your blog. I saw great recipes of yours and I will let you know once I tried it.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy and am so glad to see Mize here too hehehe. The connections we make in the blogging world is so amazing isnt it :) heheh I agree with Crissy by the way Mize amazing recipes you got over at Portuguese Menu and Crissy You are always a blessing everytime ;)

Crissy said...

@ ES:

Glad to be part of the blogosphere.. meet people.. learn things.. share common interest.. online friendship.. and you ES!!! you are indeed a dear friend for always having you here despite your busy and hectic sked. Take care always!

Monica said...

LOL! thanks for sharing these Crissy!

crissy said...

@ Monica:

You're welcome Monica and don't forget to smile always ;)

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